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Commercial Collections

We represent clients in many different types of commercial debt collection matters. We are experienced and aggressive, and use creative strategies that are designed to pursue and collect your debt as quickly as possible. Your matters will receive personal attention, creative solutions and practical advice to take the steps necessary to collect the money which you are owed.

Debt collection

Candamo Law PA will assist your business in collecting outstanding debts and accounts receivable in a professional manner and with the personal attention your business deserves.

Often, as a result of our legal demand letter, we are able to resolve the matter in an agreeable manner without having to file suit. Many debtors are more responsive to a letter that comes from an attorney. If the debtor ignores the demand or refuses to pay the debt, we will file suit.

After obtaining a judgment, we will use legal remedies such as obtaining discovery from judgment debtors, banks and other parties; contempt of court motions; receivership applications; garnishments; and seizing assets to enforce and collect on the Judgments.

We will work with you to collect debts owed under:

Flat Fee Pricing Structure

Flat fee debt collection and demand letters

Our approach to business debt collection is simple: we offer businesses a cost-effective way to collect outstanding debt. Some attorneys charge by the hour or require large retainers up front. Either way, if the cost of collecting the debt is uncertain, so is the return on investment of your collection efforts. Our flat-fee collection services were designed for businesses. Our flat-fee structure depends on your industry, type of debt, and the amount of work that would be required in the collection process.

Our law firm offers three types of collection services:

Flat Fee

We handle the entire negotiation process from settlement to trial. With flat-fee collection services, a business knows how much the collection process will cost up-front, avoiding uncertainty, large retainers, and hourly billing.

Unbundled Services

We perform a specific task related to the negotiation, such as drafting a demand letter or a settlement proposal. Unbundled services allow the business to handle in-house part of the collection process, but benefit from the use of our legal expertise as needed.


The contingency rate charged by debt collection lawyers is typically higher than the contingency rate charged by Candamo Law. Our law firm’s low overhead allows us to provide collection services with lower fee structures than other attorneys in the Tampa Bay area. Every case is different, but we always try to do what is best for our clients. We can also offer “hybrid” collection services in which a combination of flat fee and contingency is used. Either way, we don’t charge by the hour and our attorneys are able to provide the service that best fits each business.