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Corporate Lawyer on Retainer

To have a lawyer on retainer, clients pay the lawyer a small fee on a monthly basis in exchange for some legal services any time the client needs them. Some businesses require frequent legal tasks and can benefit from regular legal counsel and an experienced attorney. For some businesses, having a local attorney on a monthly retainer reduces legal expenses and increases profitability. Every company we work with is different. So are our retainer plans. Together, with our clients, we outline tasks and services a business needs on a regular basis and offer a recurring monthly retainer plan to cover those needs.

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Although all lawyer retainer agreements are different, we have found that there are some services that seem to be fairly common business requirements. Some of the services we can help businesses are:

  • Contract reviews
  • Demand letters
  • Dispute assessment, negotiation, and resolution
  • General legal questions and corporate matters
  • Review of customer complaints and invoices in dispute.

Why a Business Needs a Lawyer on Retainer

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Having Candamo Law PA as your lawyer on retainer has several advantages:

Our retainer plans are customized to each business needs

It is cost-effective and avoids cost uncertainty from legal hourly billing for the company's day-to-day needs

We develop an in-depth familiarity with our client’s business, company culture, and legal needs, allowing us to offer better rates for more complex legal proceedings that could potentially arise in the future.

We encourage our businesses clients on retainer to touch base frequently, and to resolve any doubts in favor of calling. Our clients often find that we can use our experience, creativity, and even professional contacts to help their business grow and thrive.