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Real Estate Litigation

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We are experienced litigators who use knowledge about property laws and civil litigation to successfully litigate residential and commercial real estate disputes.

When multiple parties claim an interest in a property, usually a court will need to determine their rights to ownership. We represent clients dealing with title disputes and quiet title actions.

Florida Law requires strict compliance with the statutory requirements in order for landlords or tenants to enforce their statutory rights. It is important to consult with an attorney when negotiating a lease. If a dispute arises, we will assist you in resolving your landlord / tenant disputes.

Candamo Law represents Homeowner’s and Condominium Associations with drafting community documents and amendments, collection of delinquent assessments and fines, and if a dispute arises, arbitration, mediation, eviction, construction disputes, and other general litigation issues.

Quiet Title and Florida Law

Quiet title is a lawsuit brought in court to establish a party’s right to ownership of real property against any others claiming a right to the property. Quiet title suits are often necessary when it is not easy to determine who has title to the property if the property has changed ownership often or when property is bought at a tax sale. A claim can be for full ownership of the property or for partial ownership, such as a lien in an amount that is less than the value of the property.

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An attorney will file a lawsuit in the county where the property is located and make sure all parties that had any claim to the property were properly served and given the correct notices. The lawsuit basically requests that the judge review the documents and then sign a quiet title judgment which can be recorded and should legally end the rights of those who may have had a claim against the title, thus providing clear and marketable title to the property.

In certain instances, a quiet title action may not eliminate all liens. It is important to have an experienced attorney to assist with the process and resolve your title issue as efficiently as possible.